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Company Name Hydrogen Cooking, Co., LTD.
C.E.O. Masao Ishikawa
Head Office 607-1 Fujisawa, Fujisawa Shokokaikan-nai, Shonan Fujisawa Incubation Center suite# 5, Fujisawa-shi, Kanawawa, 251-0052, Japan TEL: (+81)467-72-5811 FAX: (+81)467-72-5812
Show Room 2267-1 Kurami, Samukawa-machi, Kouza-gun, Kanagawa, 253-0101, Japan
TEL (+81)467-72-5811
Foundation 2/6/2013
Research 1: Quantum Energy Institute We’ve received all technical equipment and its exclusive license from QEI. QEI’s researches on hydrogen absorbent compound lead to develop cylinder-less hydrogen gas system. They’re under the research with Fraunhofer Institute, Germany.

2: Tokyo University of Agriculture We’re under the joint research with Tokyo University of Agriculture for the efficacy of Hydrogen gas towards food ingredients.
Technical Adviser 1: Hydrogen Engineering Application& Development Company

 C.E.O. Tadahiko Mizuno (D.Eng.)

2:Intect International Patent Office Chief Director Yasuo Ishikawa (Patent Attorney)

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 We’re supposedly only life on the earth to adopt fire as a tool to develop our civilization. Fire was one of our ancestors’ first discoveries to cook and preserve their foods and the key element to survive and leave descendants.
Regardless of our religion or ethnic group, the quest for the taste has been universally most eternal theme for our history of food culture.
We’ve been using fossil fuel, like coal, natural gas and petroleum, to cook food. However, those fuels produce carbon dioxide (CO₂) which deteriorate our environment.
Our focus is to adopt hydrogen as a heating source to cook delicious food with no emission of CO₂ while creating cleaner environment. Furthermore, the efficacy of hydrogen flame is so peculiar that food is well cooked as to be tender and flavorful. Therefore, we believe we’ll be able to bring an exciting new era to our food culture history.

Characteristics of Hydrogen Cooking

① Hydrogen flame emits heat and vapor to preserve moisture contents of the food while cooking.
② Infrared ray derived from vapor helps cooking food fast from its core.
③ Help preserving nutrients of the food such as glutamine and inosine.
④ Preventing food from scorching or burning.
⑤ Food never gets hard on texture or drying out even when it gets cold because of moisture effect of hydrogen flame.

To maximize those characteristics of hydrogen cooking, we’ve invented superior cooking equipment to produce optimum performance of hydrogen combustion with conscious effort of safety. Along with our hydrogen cooking, Hydrogen Water Dispenser (Hydro Bub) is our another exciting invention. Hydrogen water has various effects on our body mechanism.
Finally, our primary mission, needless to mention, is to crate new healthier diet to our food culture as well as protecting our environment. There are always a lot of discussion how to maintain good health and prevent environmental pollution worldwide. People are trying to find the way to solve those issues. We’d like to be a part of it to contribute our society while enjoying healthier life with hydrogen cooking and hydrogen water.

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2267-1 Kurami, Samukawa-machi, Kouza-gun, Kanagawa, 253-0101, Japan
TEL: (+81)467-72-5811